Temperature adjustment for altitude

Notes for using candy thermometer 
and how to make temperature adjustment for your altitude.

When making certain candies, each degree of heat is crucial, 
and a thermometer lets you know the exact stage 
of the heat of the syrup.

Before making your candy, you will want to test your thermometer to determine at which degree the water boils where you live:

Place the thermometer in a pan of water and
bring it up to a boil.

Keep the thermometer in the rolling boil for 5 minutes.
At the end of 5 minutes, read the temperature.

Be sure to bend down and look at the thermometer 
at eye level 
in order to get an accurate reading.

    Subtract your reading from 212°
 (212° is the boiling point at sea level).

At the end of 5 minutes, my thermometer read 206°.

So I went---    212°
      minus    - 206°
     equals        6°

Which means that I need to subtract 6 degrees from all my recipes 

when I use my candy thermometer.   

So, whatever number you end up with is the number that you need to subtract from your recipes also.

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